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Selling in the senior market

How to sell Medicare Supplement, Final Expense and address predicable needs of the senior market.

The 100k Formula

The formula to making 100k a year selling insurance.

The Social Security Tax Suprise

Securing Your Clients Financial Future: How to help clients reduce their taxes and ways to use Annuities.

This powerful online course includes:  

 Basic Annuity Training
IRA Rules
Taxed Deffered Fixed Annuities
The Split Annuity Concept
Split Annuity - Income Riders
Split Annuity - Income Riders 2
The Stretch Option with an IRA
The Stretch IRA - PLUS Plan
Sales Ideas For Fixed Annuities
Variable Annuities
Effective Wealth Transfer Strategies
Annuity Workbooks
Social Security Tax Surprise
Securing Your Clients Financial Future Presentation Script