Common Retirement Concern Questions

1. How can I protect my assets?

A. Safety
Problem: How can I increase my income without decreasing the safety of my investment?
Suitable Solution: We are all familiar with the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Suitable diversification of assets in an Annuity could add to the safety of your portfolio.

B. Protection from Creditors
Problem: I am worried that a lawsuit, a bankruptcy caused by major medical bills or liens from creditors could take my lifetime savings and leave me hardly anything for my retirement years. Many financial accounts could be subject to such claims. How can I protect my lifetime savings for my own retirement income?

Prospecting Tools - The Phone

There are various tools available that will enhance your prospecting efforts. Coordinating the right source with the most efficient tool will increase your return. This mix varies from market to market so experience, accurate record keeping, and utilizing proven methods are all means of improving results.

These tools include:

  • Telephone

  • Computers

  • Mail

  • Walk & Talk - You are a tool

Curbside Coaching

One method for sales managers to help new sales people (and existing sales people who are struggling) improve either their activity or sales skills is to coach in real time. One principle of training is to correct at the point of deviation. Doing this while out in the field with an sales people gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and model the perfect sales day. If your primary sales occur on the phone the principles are the same. "Curb-side" coaching is an effective growth tool both for sales peoples and managers.

This is a method of coaching that is usually done following a joint customer call. During the de-briefing, critical areas are discussed with the salesperson.


This section will provide instruction for sales coaching in the following areas:

1. Understand the flow of the coaching process.
2. Build and use checklists to help define "what" to coach.
3. Know how to prepare for coaching with the "quick coaching analysis."
4. Know how to conduct three types of coaching sessions:
• Formal CoachingM.
• Curb Side Coaching
• Peer-to-Peer Coaching
5. Learn to use the “Interim Action Plan" to document coaching sessions.

Effective Field Training

This article reviews some tips to effectively field train either a new sales person or help an existing team member refocus their efforts by doing the things that work the most and reinforce the best practices in growing their own business.

Role of Field Training

Always take trainee out on your appointments - new trainees will do about 50% of what you do, good or bad, so field train them in the same order you want them to work. Set up your appointments, have your product and presentation material ready when you leave with the new trainee. You know how to set qualified appointments; they don’t so take them on your appointments until they see the first sale made.

Marketing To 50+

Marketing to Boomers

Keep in mind there is not a typical boomer; however, there are commonalities. It is helpful to understand the similarities and to respect the differences when working with boomers. Here are some key points to consider:
Emotion-driven message. Boomers tend to focus on how a situation makes them feel. Their responses are based on their total life experiences.
To effectively market to boomers

1. Understand their perspective

2. Account for aging changes...