Prospecting Tools - The Phone

There are various tools available that will enhance your prospecting efforts. Coordinating the right source with the most efficient tool will increase your return. This mix varies from market to market so experience, accurate record keeping, and utilizing proven methods are all means of improving results.

These tools include:

  • Telephone

  • Computers

  • Mail

  • Walk & Talk - You are a tool


The telephone is one of the tools you use to operate your business. Your marketing strategy may call for setting appointments over the phone. Using the telephone is a widespread, efficient, and effective method for making contact with prospects.

Today's Sales Professional, however, has to break through more "communication clutter" than ever before. You're not only competing with messages from other salespeople for a prospect's attention, but also with advertising, news broadcasts, and a myriad of other marketing communications tactics.

In this day and age, the telephone is of vital importance to your business. In the area of prospecting it is a most time-efficient, profitable tool.

  • You are able to contact a large number of people in a short time

  • You can hire telemarketers for volume and quality

  • It is relatively low cost

  • You get immediate attention and feedback

Before we get into the telephone process, let's review some basic telephone tips.

  • Be prepared - there's no substitute for this step

  • Be brief - remember, most Americans are "time poor"

  • Be enthusiastic - it is contagious

  • Be urgent - you want the message to be perceived as important

  • Talk a little faster than normal

  • Talk a little louder than normal

  • Talk a little clearer than normal

When using phone scripts follow the F.I.S.T. approach:

F-ill out your call list so you can check the numbers against the "DO NOT CALL" list.

I-nitiate the next call, move through your call list systematically and timely.

S- ell the appointment, if that is the purpose of your call.

T-urn over yor prospect list. Don't work trhe same list over day after day. Contact everyone on your list. Then move on to other prospects and go back to your list six months later.