Lloyd at Your Next Event

Webster’s defines contagion (con·ta·gion - Function: noun) as:

A: rapid communication of an influence (as a doctrine or emotional state)
B: an influence that spreads rapidly
Contagion: an influence that spreads rapidly

Lloyd brings CONTAGION to all his seminars/workshops and KEYNOTE addresses.

He teaches salespeople, managers and leaders to:

  • Solve their own problems

  • Be accountable

  • Set goals

  • Achieve results

More than 51,500 individuals experienced Lloyd's unique style.

As your speaker Lloyd understands he is an ambassador for your organization - on and off stage. Lloyd will meet with anyone and attend any functions or sessions you suggest. Lloyd is a versatile speaker at events, below are a list of activities he has led:

Lloyd presenting at your event is considered to be “tantamount to having the competitive edge.” He brings real world experience, with his programs being described as “his content was rich, his presentation professional, and his delivery engaging.” Lloyd “transfers his excitement” which is exactly what your people need to get past paralysis of analysis and indecision… and into action that gets positive results. You get committed, productive people, and more importantly, you’ll see the lasting results and duplicate principles long after the event is over.

Thorough pre-event research Lloyd will customize the presentation you want for your company, products and situation. Lloyd’s unique, and innovative narrative of experiences can be presented by no one else. Your people are guaranteed to receive a program that’s been described as “polished”, “very funny”, “fresh ideas” and “Lloyd is a great motivator as well as an excellent speaker.”

  • Main Speaker 

  • Deliver "breakout sessions" or a spouse program along with the keynote at the same half-day fee.

  • Emcee of the event 

  • Panelist or judged of business awards

  • Public Speaking Consultant

  • Moderator

Book Lloyd NOW for your next Seminar/Workshop, he is a subject matter expert in all areas of Business, a few of his highlights are listed below:

Prospecting Training

Manager Training

Presentations Training

Keynote Presentation