Unleashing Power Behind The Sales

“Entertaining” & “Enjoyable”

“Agents are now in the top 25 of our company”
“ A fresh structure to old concerns”
“MOST beneficial seminar I have attended”
“Ability to connect with a wide range of people”

A Word from The Speaker:

 “I’ve found there is a method and a way to doing sales that is unique to each person! I’m excited to engage with your next event and reenergize your audience’s approach to sales. With real life experiences, and practical steps, every guest will find they are able to perform BETTER – until all their goals are met!”

- Lloyd Lofton L.U.T.C.


More than 50,000 individuals experienced Lloyd's unique style.

As your speaker Lloyd understands he is an ambassador for your organization - on and off stage. Lloyd will meet with anyone and attend any functions or sessions you suggest. 

Lloyd brings real world experience, with his programs being described as “rich content, professional presentation, and an engaging delivery.” By transfers his excitement,  your people will get moving past paralysis of analysis and indecision, and into action that gets positive results.

Revitalize your organization with Lloyd's ability to energize people into commitment, and productivity, and more importantly, you’ll see the lasting results and duplicate principles long after the event is over.

Lloyd’s unique, and innovative narrative of experiences can be presented by no one else. Your organization is guaranteed to receive a program that’s been described as “polished”, “very funny”, “fresh ideas” and “a great motivator and an excellent speaker.”

  • Highlight topics are listed below:

Prospecting Training

Manager Training

Presentations Training

Keynote Presentation



 “The three day seminar was more beneficial than any I have attended. Information was taught in a seneschal manner that could be understood and then implemented quickly.” - Regional Manager National Benefit Services of America

“Lloyd's training is superb. Time and again he gave results orientated input that was used to achieve high quality performance with both my staff and my Reps.” - Sales Manager

 “…..with Lloyd it was always enjoyable to watch him train my team and to know there would be positive results when they returned to the field.” - Jr. Managing Partner New England Financial

 “Lloyd is a consummate professional with a heart of gold. He has a unique ability to connect with a wide range of people on a personal level which allows him to be highly successful as a trainer, coach and mentor.” - Asst. V.P. Operations

“Not only were his presentations innovative and informative, but they were entertaining as well. Lloyd helped develop many of our agents who are now in the top 25 of our company.” -Sales Manager

“Lloyd is an excellent communicator and motivational speaker to any office or team looking to boost their sales and self-development. He is well focused, polished and adds a fresh sense of structure to old concerns that can pull any team through, until the goal has been met.” - CEO Dallas Turf & Irrigation Specialists