Unleashing Power Behind The Sales


“Entertaining” & “Enjoyable”

“Agents are now in the top 25 of our company”
“ A fresh structure to old concerns”
“The most beneficial seminar I have attended”
“Ability to connect with a wide range of people”

A Word from The Speaker:

 “I’ve found there is a method and a way to doing sales that is unique to each person. I’m excited to engage with your next event and energize your audience’s approach to sales. With real life experiences, and practical steps, every guest will find they are able to perform better – until all their goals are met.”

- Lloyd Lofton L.U.T.C.


Lloyd brings real world sales and leadership experience with professional content and an engaging delivery. Unleash the power behind the sales of your organization and have your sales force moving past the paralysis of analysis and indecision, and into action that gets positive results.

Revitalize your organization with Lloyd's ability to energize people into commitment and productivity. You’ll see the lasting results long after the event is over.