A History of Overcoming. A Determined Leader. A Pattern of Success.

Lloyd Lofton had polio as an infant; he wore a brace, corset and crunches until he spent 9 months in a body cast having 7 muscle transplants at age 16 that allowed him to walk without assistance. After more than 24 surgeries Lloyd has encountered challenges and adversity that has allowed him to develop a unique view of effort, determination and accomplishment. 


March Of Dimes 1960


Combined Insurance 1980

Lloyd Lofton started with John Hancock in 1977 as a debit agent, he has 30+ years of door-to-door, call center, business-to-business and needs based selling experience. He is a successful business leader who has led large sales distributions who produced 50 million or more a year in sales, who has led recruiting efforts that resulted in hiring more than 2,000 sales professionals in one year and who has trained hundreds of managers, from field sales leaders to executive level leaders. 

Lloyd's philosophy is you train what you know and you reproduce who you are. Lloyd is a salesman, and a leader, companies who engage him want improvement in their sales distribution, they want growth in the skill set of their sales managers and they expect their executives to reach inside to be better leaders to do more as leaders.

 When you engage Lloyd you are engaging a partner who will bring high expectation and produce professional engagement from your team. 


Door to Door Sales 2005

Lloyd believes knowledge does not create experience however experience creates knowledge. "The challenge in sales, is for years we have been led to believe that "Knowledge is Power"........this, I am reluctant to say, is a misnomer. Knowledge is not power.......it is only potential power. Knowledge is only power when it is put to use." 

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Annuity News Now 2014

Lloyd has been interviewed by the Wealth Channel through American College, Annuity News Now and is a frequent contributor to numerous industry related magazines, podcasts and radio shows.


Wealth Channel Interview

Lloyd is the founder of Power Behind The Sales a sales & leadership training company. He’s author of “The Sidewalk Executive”, and "Leads to Results". He now dedicates his time to sharing his experience to help sales professionals and leaders develop more fulfilling careers. 


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