7 Tips To Focus On Feelings And Effectively Engage Prospects

The right script is worthless if it does not connect with your prospect.

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Is Your Agent A ‘Producer Prime’ Or An ‘Amazon Go’ Agent?

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What Makes a Hero?

You can sell life insurance and annuities — or you can commit to helping your clients manage risk.

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How to Build a Team

Sure, you "know" these things. Do you live them?

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Which Retirement Doctor Are You?

Some of your clients are retiring. When they come to you for advice, what do you tell them?

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Leadership Is Not a Birthright… and It Shows

To inspire a team, dig deeper, work harder, and show some respect.

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14 Misconceptions About Selling Annuities

Lloyd Lofton is back, with facts, figures and arguments for agents who see "that ad" on TV.

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