"Lloyd designed and delivered outstanding classroom training. Having a background in training I am often bored with most training and its delivery, but with Lloyd it was always enjoyable to watch him train my team and to know there would be positive results when they returned to the field."
- Stephen Collins, Jr Managing Partner, New England Financial

"Lloyd is an exceptionally talented sales and sales training executive in the financial services industry. He is a very effective, charismatic and motivating speaker to any size group. Bottom line an exceptional and effective addition to any organization."
- Jon Kaplan, Division Manager, United Meridian Group

“Lloyd is a true motivator. I have had the opportunity over a 5 year period to send many trainees to Lloyd. He is well rounded, very organized, very funny and never boring, His presentations were always extremely creative. Lloyd always transferred his excitement to his students and I could see results every time someone returned from Lloyd's training session.”
-Kendall Wright, Sales Manager

“Lloyd is an excellent communicator and motivational speaker to any office or team looking to boost their sales and self-development. He is well focused, polished and adds a fresh sense of structure to old concerns that can pull any team through, until the goal has been met.”
- CEO Dallas Turf & Irrigation Specialists

“Lloyd is a consummate professional with a heart of gold. He has a unique ability to connect with a wide range of people on a personal level which allows him to be highly successful as a trainer, coach and mentor.”
- John Camper, Asst. V.P. Operations