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Lead to results

Do you need more qualified leads or more leads to quality? Do you order your leads by zip code, routing number or both? Should you get a non-responder list, with without phone numbers? Leads To Results answers these questions and more. You will learn how to order leads, contact leads, manage leads and follow-up with a contact management system to drip market into the database you have already paid for. The expert in the lead business will make you the sales professional in your industry. 


The Sidewalk Executive

In this book you will learn how to excel in the areas that matter most to build a 6 figure income and a 7 figure business. Whether you struggle with prospecting, working leads, getting the appointment, making the presentation or closing the sale this book illustrates in detail how to successfully complete each step of the sale. From asking questions, listening skills to learning key phrases that move the sale forward you will find tips you forgot and skills you need. Moreover you will find tips on creating a business plan, a marketing plan, getting referrals in addition to sample scripts, key phrases and you will find two complete sales presentations in two different markets as a model to build your own presentations. 


Seven Step Sales Presentation Workbook: A companion to "The SideWalk Executive"

This Seven Steps Sales Presentation Manual is a companion to the book “The Sidewalk Executive”. Together they provide the psychology to the selling process which includes the mindset of being a business owner to the specific behaviors necessary to build a 7 figure business. The lessons you will find in this workbook are detailed explanations of each of the seven steps to making an effective sales presentation. At the end of some lessons are role plays for you to use to practice with a partner to internalize the steps and build confidence in your selling skills. 


Audio Lessons


Audio Lesson 1


What is selling?
Self-Motivational Strategies
Needs Based Selling
Needs vs Solutions
Activity Plan


Audio Lesson 2


Seating Arrangements
Active Listening
Asking Questions
Statements, Questions & Objections



Audio Lesson 3


Four Basic Objections
3 Steps to Handling Objections
Standard Rebuttals

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