Has your team struggled with overcoming objections? Here’s the problem with “Overcoming Objections”, at least to me, sounds like a power struggle. Do you want your team to “Overcome” their prospect or align your prospect with them? I agree objections need to be “handled” if we are going to close a sale and I’m all about “Handling Objections”, in fact that’s what this program is about – Handling Objections. 

More than 51,500 individuals experienced Lloyd's unique style, let Lloyd help your team recognize the four basic objections, build their presentation to minimize objections coming up and develop the skill to handle objections with Finesse.

You will be amazed at their skill in making transitions and making key phrases a part of their "integrated selling personality!"

In this workshop Lloyd covers:

1.    Asking Questions with Finesse

2.    Handling Objections

3.    Rebuttal Finesse

4.    Closing Finesse 

Someone once said, "timing is everything." Sometimes all the elements come together creating a true win-win situation for all concerned. Right now is one of those times, and it could be your time.