Customized Sales Training That Your Team Will Use

Bottom line: Your return on your training investment is in direct proportion to your sales team applying the principles! You get what you measure and what you promote, this is a training partnership, your success is our success, we're in it to win it....together!


There are three hurdles to successful sales training

1. Getting it to stick, 
2. Getting past your teams stumbling blocks, 
3. Going beyond the "sale" to helping prospects "buy".

There is an old saying in sales and training, you train what you know and you reproduce who you are. We will take who you are and help reproduce sales professionals who excel at producing results through activity!

Talented sales professionals can take effective sales training, apply it, then grow past their stumbling blocks, and fill in their emotional gaps.

Sales results often follow known formulas:

1. One-third of the sales people you hire will produce, no matter what training or support you provide.
2. One-third of the sales people you hire will never produce, no matter what training or support you provide.
3. One-third of the sales people you hire will improvegrow their skills and move into the top one-third, these are the one's sales training is the most effective for.

If any sales training/coaching company tells you anything different......make them prove it. You will find with us that we will tell you what "will" happen, not what "can" happen. You already know what your team "can" do, the issue is what they "are" doing, right? If that is not what you need or expect then that's the reason we should talk.

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Now here's the challenge, we have no way of knowing, when you hire someone, who will fit into which one-third category. There are measurements we can use to better identify these individuals and do so in a way that your managers spend their time with those sales people who will most likely grow and/or be in your top one-third category.

There are two principles we have learned over the years;

1. Salespeople tend to sell the way they "buy"

2. Managers tend to train the way they "sell"

That disconnect often leads to turnover in our sales teams.

Most organizations benefit the most when sales training involves transferable skills that your team "will" use, when activty increases and production results. That's the purpose of training, isn't it?


1. The 10 Most Common Mistakes SalesPeople Make

2.. Selling Final Expense 

3. Selling Medicare Supplement

4. Annuity Basics

5. Strategies for Sales People's Self Marketing

6. Time Management

7. Time Management, Planning and Prioritization

8. Procrastination - The Road Block To Time Management

9. Prospecting

10. The Social Security Tax Surprise

11. Sales Office Development

12 Win THIS Day - Leadership Training

13. Handling Objections

14. The Art of Asking Questions

15. The Art of the Rebuttal

16. The Art of the Close

17. Sales Presentation Script

18. Sales Activity Planning 

19. Goal Setting vs Goal Achieving

20. Field Training Basics 

Who Should Attend

• Sales professionals, account executives
• Sales managers and sales leaders
• Sales and customer service people who are targeted at B2B sales, in-home and retail situations of varying complexity


• 1/2 - to 3-day live on site workshop - individual phone coaching - field training
• While we have many plug-and-train modules ready to train we also modify these modules to be customizable to your company’s language and unique situations and challenges

• Train-the-trainer

Program Benefits

• Develop a effective process and language around the prospect buying style, with the customer at the center of your model utilizing transferable skills
• Increase sales effectiveness— increase activity, more appointments, more effective sales cycles, improved closing rates
• Develop a better understanding of your sales model, your customers dominant buying motives, their needs, and their buying style
• Utilize effective questions, negotiate and help your prospect buy on value, not price

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