In today’s marketplace, it is not enough for a company to provide excellent products, services and possess an excellent rating. The strategic difference between competitors is the quality of the customer relationship developed and maintained by the Sales Professional as well as the customer and company relationship. 

Many salespeople sell the way they buy, they figure the price for the product/service and if they either can't afford it or would not be willing to pay that amount they often project their issue onto a prospect. Understanding how to approach prospective customers, determine their needs, gain their commitment to solve their identified problem and create customized product portfolios to meet those needs will enhance business retention and distinguish your teams as highly trained professionals. We all sell the way that we feel meets our style, Lloyd takes each person’s unique style and helps them find their "integrated selling personality."

Topics presented in this workshop include: 

1.    Approach

2.    Qualification                                                                                 

3.    Commitment

4.    Presentation

a.    Sales Presentation: Script design

5.    Pre-close

6.    Close

7.    Introduction

Much of the world has its defenses up to keep out new ideas. Your team needs to become warriors and do what’s necessary to succeed. Sometimes, this means fighting their way past the obstacles they encounter. Sometimes the biggest obstacles to their success is themselves!

Let Lloyd walk your team through a sales process that they "will" do, rather than one they can do.

Someone once said "timing is everything. Sometimes all the elements come together creating a true win-win situation for all concerned. Right now is one of those times, and it could be your time.